As I played this game, I realized it had a steam version and that it was paid. That's right, isn't such a high-quality tower defense game actually a paid game? Its mobile version is free to play.
Let's get back to business. This is a cartoon-style tower defense game. However! It differs from more traditional tower defense.
The gameplay is very creative and hardcore. You can choose the location where you want your base to be, but it isn't just that simple! The more vulnerable the location is, the more resources you can get, which we call high-risk, high-return.
As for the turrets, the game has more than fifty, you can study how to enhance their performance through the laboratory system. In addition, in the game, you can even create blocks to disrupt the enemy's route and make a favorable path for you. Such gameplays are integrated into the game, so amazing. The last game I saw before was Arknights.
It is undoubtedly a game that I recommend to all players, but it also has some poor designs. The difficulty is not balanced. I have read reviews from other players. The game's difficulty is overstepped. Even if you have hundreds of strategy combinations and free routes, the enemies are stronger. The frequency of when they appear, where they spawn, whether your base is placed in a reasonable position and how you use resources are all you have to think about.
I want to say, the game content is very rich, and the art style is nice. However, it is challenging, hardcore, and very unfriendly for beginners. Please think carefully before playing the game.
My personal rating is 8 out of 10.
Gif is from their steam page :)
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