Here's the pros and cons:
1) The little details(like toilet flushes when u click it😂,shower switches on etc) around which the world is built made me very happy and enriched.
2) The puns and comedy amidst the serious situation gives satisfaction.
3) The game set in future gives great vibes!
4) Luffy's poster is great :)
5) Background is 10/10 a whole new experience with near perfect BGM!
6) The story is too engrossing that we'd loose track of time!
7) Solving puzzles and cases is extremely fun with a mix of humour.
8) The gear as well as detective view systems are exciting.
9) The dual protoganist idea is really amazing and playing as a cat really was on a whole new lvl! (who's age is just 2 yrs yet so intelligent)!
10) This gave me a goosebump as to what future could hold with robot manufacturing!
1) Id like to hear stories(in convinience store) and chat with NPCs again because some times id miss-click and the sentence would have moved on :(
2) Should be able to save from any point (not much of importance since ull indulge into game too deeply).
3) The faces of other NPC don't show up in chatbox.
Nevertheless,it's an amazing game that is free somehow... Kudos and waiting for sequel
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