Rayark yet again did a stunning job with DEEMO II. Deemo was a stunning game already in rhythm genre so the expectation on DEEMO II was already soo high and DEEMO II did made justice to my expectation.
Game starts with a story. Story soo far feels pretty damn good. The cut scenes are brilliantly made,Little puzzle elements here and there, Walking around map finding event tickets in random spots all these extra elements which are out of it's music genre is well done.Just in few parts of story the voicing to the characters action was out of sync besides this there nothing I can complain about.
The graphics, no words to say they knocked it out of the park. They kept their iconic black and white theme along with subtle colors along the whole game(Story,UI etc) . To be precise it's pleasing and colorful yet retained the black and white theme .The UI is pretty clean and easy to navigate.Also the game feels little generous with daily rewards and events.Well yea, as always rayark has pay to play elements like premium pass which cost like around $20-$25 and besides there are albums which can bought with 600 song points which cost around $10.If your a free to play player after you have grind a lot by playing the same set of songs ,events ,free pass .
Now as of gameplay, They changed their black and white theme to a water/sea theme . I really love this theme. It looks soo simple and elegant. The judgement line looks a water line which reflects light and it really blends with the background. Plus the little wiggle it make when touching the line, the notes feel like coming from endless blind of the sea ,little drizzle of rain in sides. These little details adds a lively experience when playing.
As always there are 3 different notes namely tap, hold, slide.Calibration has to be done manually. It might take some time to calibrate perfectly but please do calibrate ot perfectly for the fullest experience.When playing it does felt little heavier and weird even tho my settings are perfect. It took me lot of time to adapt .Especially getting charming hits are soo difficult as the pace of the notes changes dynamically according to the songs pace.In few cases the notes just slows/fastens soo abruptly that we can't keep up. Takes some repetitive practice to get hang of it.
I just use 2 fingers to play and was able to clear all song until hard 8 with full combo so I can guarantee it's thumb friendly until hard 8. Hard 9 is doable with 2 fingers but will be needing a third finger help in few spots and hard 10 you will need extra fingers.
As of optimization, I did felt lag like once every 15 times of playing a song. I can feel the heaviness from the gameplay . Optimizing a rhythm game is hard as I have played soo many rhythm games and honestly DEEMO II felt lot better than most of the other rhythm genre game but there is still room for improvement .
Overall , this game was such a blast for me. Not just players who loves music genre but also players who loves great visual ,arts and story, it's a must try for them. Beginning of the game is soo fun with lot of contents to unlock and story mission to do, having achievements to complete and stuff but later part definitely will hit a wall where progression will become slow and grindy unless you are willing pay. But definitely worth the time until you finish your story and complete all the free songs.