The gameplay is great and the graphics are great as well.
But for competitive players, or other players who are planning this game to be their main game (to play all modes), they will be disappointed because the server is not new as it mentioned in their FB page (like few days ago only).
On the 'very first day', when the game was released (few days ago) I already have noticed that there are a lot of players with account level 64, they already got all legendary units (keep in mind that the gatcha in this game is very low - 1% only) and top of that, their legendary units already have 2-4 Rainbow stars and their units are level max 60. The good guilds from the very first day they started to recruit players with +30 level accounts only.
So, yes, if you want to invest some money in this game is not smart and good because it's not possible to reach those players, BUT YES, THE GAME IS WORTH TO BE TRY.
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