The game of Beholder2 has already released PC version and mobile version. Then, what would be different between Steam version and mobile version of Beholder2🤔 ?
1. Profiling System
The game should play a role of controlling private life, fair life and privacy of people in all countries with totalitarianism. The most important element among them is a function that profiles all residents of an apartment.
First of all, profiling system of Steam version is very complex enough to make your brain blow out when looking at it.
It is necessary to check personalities and characteristics of every resident and write a report through profiling. Since there is no automatic function, your fingers may be paralyzed by clicking a mouse for every single function. In addition, if there is a problem in profiling, repetitive works (threat, investigation, etc.)
But, the mobile version provides neat UI and smooth process in this part.
For example, you don’t need to profile each resident one by one. Filter function summaries characteristics and issues of residents well. With this, you don’t need to investigate each of them, but just click the parts that can be problem.
In addition to these, mobile UI and manipulating are much easier in terms of controlling. In particular, you don’t need to directly manipulate cumbersome travel route, but just click the route. That means you don’t need to click to visit office every time or move to different places, having advantage of being able to spend more time on the core game contents.
2. Beholder 2 Lite version
Android mobile version includes lite version. Of course, users who prefer PC version can buy the Steam version. But you can also play the game through the Lite version which is provided for free for basic play such as to check whether this game fits you well or not. In addition, you can buy paid items and additional DLC at reasonable price you want through in-app payment for sustainable playing. That is, you can play the game with rational condition.
Currently, the game has quite high rating at 8.0 from Metascore.
It has somewhat gloomy theme that controls the life of people in totalitarianism, but its own art style and game music are another big advantages of high-quality game. The game is a great masterpiece that asks us question about what is life and how happy we are.
PC Version:★★★☆
Mobile Version: ★★★★
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