worst control, moreover on ds realm, sometimes auto is not targeting the boss but the mobs, dodge button sometime isnt responding and you put that button position on corner, its hard to tap, the basic atk button isnt responding too when i tried manual atk. why not make button like moba game?
worst server connection, i often got disconnected and reconnected, and when i fight the boss, it repeated from 100 again, too much wasting time
bad game setting, moreover on ds realm, you cant invite someone to help and yet the boss monster have high damage and too often to use his ultimate atk, beside there's a time to defeat it. its hard to avoid atk, bcs it always time's up before monster defeated. AND its hard if the player dont top up, i already top up 3 times and still stuck at some point to beat the game challenge.
last thing, there is less level up mode for low level
player only can level up from ds realm which is hard and demon crusader, to fight guard with high bp, and its hard too
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