Overall experiece, not good. There is a lot of optimizing and tweaking needed in this game.
Here's my POV;
1. Lighting inside the house is very poor and the doors that keep closing is annoying.
2. The "hand" button flickers badly making it nearly impossible to interact in the game.
3. The driving mechanics are very, very bad. Had better mechanics on ps1 games from over 20 years ago.
4. The environment is very empty. A few buildings here and there and a little strech of badly textured narrow road.
5. The graphics are not that good either. Feels like a new PS2 game with "next gen graphics". Needs a lot, and I mean a lot of work.
6. And finally, overall gameplay. The fact that eac item needs to be moved 1 by 1 in a simulator game is ridiculous, especially if those items are as small as a mousepad or a simple desktop microphone and a keyboard. Why not stash all of those in box like you would in real life and then carry it wherever it needs to go.
The idea for the game is there but it feels rushed with zero effort and only with the goal to publish to say that they have published. If this game could be optimized and tweaked properly this could be a very fun game but for now I agree with most of the reviews, you're not going to like it.
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