I must confirm I love this alpha-beta cause it's so funny. It may not a high production quality game I expected, but it really makes me laugh.
First of all, Harland is so ugly in the game, although I know Harland himself is not a handsome boy in reality, the game makes him look worse……(No offense, I love Harland, He is Majin Buu and my favorite in FM2022) When I try to control him on the pitch, I can see his hairline had receded so much and remind me of the Robben. 😂 I can't help laughing. Messi, Mbappé, except for the name, they exactly not look like the real person. And Donnarumma without the beard.
AI is really retarded. On the one hand, my teammates’ off-the-ball is terrible. They raise their hands frequently to ask for the ball, but when I pass, they just slow down, which is so irritating to me to pass the through ball. My opponent is more stupid, each central defender is Maguire. They will keep retreating until he hits their goalkeeper. I really get a lot of fun by playing this game.
In addition, gunner's goalkeeper Leon? I remember Arsenal's starting goalkeeper is Ramsdale now, And Arsenal is Gunner, ok……
I'm a bit too strict to a test game. The replay system is kinda good. But expect that, there’re so many places you can improve. It’s ok for a short-term time killer, but if you want a long-term game, you are willing to spend time collecting players. FIFA, I think it is the best choice on the market for now.
— A highly unprofessional editor Tim
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