Punishing Gray Raven is the first anime game in a while that is not a complete waste of my life.
you've got the basic control like most TPS game on mobile but not the skill system which is a Match 3 style where your character skill attack are generated and has a difference attack pattern or elementals effect based on how it's use.
the playable character in this game are very little few compared to other game like Honkai 3rd or Genshin Impact but it makes up for this in variety.
the character designs are very good and feels very distinct from one another which is very rare in most mobile game I've played.
each one of em are animated differently and the (paid)costume change the character looks a lot.
the soundtrack produced by Vanguard Sound which is the same as Girls Frontline and it's really good.
oso the event challenge mode in this game can be very frustrating and it's punishing as hell.
you could be fighting a boss with an affix effect mostly by having a thunder striking you randomly every 2 second when fighting.
if that's not punishing enaugh! the boss could planted a bomb on you,and If that's is still not punishing enaugh!! the boss could use both of em thunder and bomb at the same time while having like 10x barrier to it's health bar that regen after 15 second.
Overall the Dev are really evil just like Miyazaki FromSoftware.
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hi fellow! Karenina Blast enjoyer.
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Zagreus HADES#Holy crusader
Zagreus HADES#Holy crusader
The only reason I want to get Karenina ember is because of her costumes
Zagreus HADES#Holy crusader
Zagreus HADES#Holy crusader
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