game sucks...... but you can update it tho... i have lots of reason why it sucks well its my opinion so yeah.... (1) is the pace of the game. what i've observed to some games like this is that some move slow and what i meant by slow is the characters pace should be sneaky type thing and of course if u do it like ths put a sprint button but don't make it fast fast.. just like real life bruvv.. (2) is that why did u add double jump to it???? it suppose to be some kind of zombie real life thingy..... i know it's cool but know the settings bruh... like if it fits the setting of the game.. (3) aside from the pace and jump... fix the mobs plsss for fck sake it's pretty boring bruv.. im sorry if i offend u i know how hard it is to make a game but bruh.... make a plan or a graphic organizer ur game sucks tbh i dont know if u made this for fun or ur serious about this but my advice to you is make a plan and of course change your perspective when you play the game like as if you played dis game yhat is made by someone else imagine if you played thsi game with someones oerspective and be perfectionist about it..... not entirely perfect but that can make you enjoy or make others enjoy and feel the thrill of the zombie and story i dont know wtf.... pls fking fix it .thnk you. sorry too
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