ok it's such a shame with this game thank you so much for being the best game and the story is good and these cute characters This game, the Japanese and Chinese servers have been shut down. Goodbye to this game We won't be dating this game so hopefully.
very nice picture game The character works well. Clear clothes ❤️
It's a turn-based game with a team of 4 players. There are 2 more supporters, if you have a friend you can bring a friend to help you push down. But we have to pass that checkpoint first once ..
long game play Because you have to push down to find Exp bottles (1 up, use a lot), find a level up card, find a card to upgrade skills, find runes, which must be diligent, otherwise the character will not be good. Fighting through the story will be difficult.
At the end of teaching chapters 1-4, there will be 1400 diamonds given to you. Press the gacha 1 time = 10 characters, there will be 1 SSR for sure, after playing 1-6, you will get 10 keys from the letter, can be opened 10 more times.
From the first cabinet, the diamond cabinet, on sale, press the second time (this time, the chance to issue 40% ssr, depending on the luck or not), play according to the specified story. There will be another 10 keys given out at a time until chapters 3-13.
(There is a sub-push down if it passes will get the key one by one as well)
+ Login for 7 days to complete the quest. Another SSR giveaway.
The game is very simple, just go to the cog. and select the 3rd one (bottom)
There will be a new game to start, just type and confirm and create a new one.
In conclusion, if playing this game We have to be serious. Otherwise I will not be good
The game takes up about 5.74 space.
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