●Very similar to the Playstation One sword fight game.
●The graphics are mediocre and the control is terrible. The character moves are a bit too stiff and stale.
Takashi Ninja Warrior is a game with remarkable features and obvious shortcomings, and it would be better if the controls worked. In my point of view, I have a positive impression of Takashi Ninja Warrior although I truly understand how bad the game control is.
Someone says the Takashi Ninja Warrior is like Souls, I don't agree with that, not every hardcore game is a Soul? The Takashi Ninja Warrior reminds me of Ninja Gaiden. Most times, it tests the player's responsiveness more than their techniques.
The game's defects are unbearable once in a while. I am 100% sure I already hacked the enemy with my sword but the damage just did not occur. Same as you dodging, you would be knocked down occasionally even if you obviously keep the distance from your enemy. Once, I can even use skills when I'm already dead, yeah, I was laying on the ground and I could use special skills to do some damage to my enemy.
Tip: if you don’t know how to restore health. Interactive with the shrine, and the button is here.
In general, it is a game with great potential, rich content and great maps, but the bugs and bad control have greatly lowered the game experience. So, Need more polish. I guess there won't be any update in the future.
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