T3 Arena is a 3v3 Arena shooter quite similar to Overwatch. The game features fast-paced action, a bunch of heroes and game modes, and more.
T3 Arena feels like a pretty good and polished game. It does have that casual look to it but the gameplay can be quite intense. If you’ve played Overwatch, then you probably will be able to notice quite a few similarities in terms of the visual art style but T3 Arena goes for a third-person perspective instead of a first-person perspective, unlike Overwatch.
Everything is smooth and although some heroes are better than others or outright OP, skill does matter in this game. Some heroes deliver the hits well while others absorb damage and don’t deal the most damage. That being said though, certain heroes definitely were a little anemic when it came to their skills or weapons. One cool thing is that you can even try out the heroes before unlocking them in a practice range.
Something to keep in mind is to change your hero before going into matchmaking if you want to try out a new hero. The game unfortunately doesn’t have a menu before the match starts to choose a character and players have to manually do it beforehand. The game allows you to play along with your friends or against them in private rooms as well.
Final Verdict
The game is a pretty good title overall with quite a bit of content to enjoy. The gameplay is enjoyable and addicting, it looks nice visually and there are very few things to complain about. Now the aim assist and auto shoot issue along with some characters not being too good is something to fix up and a first-person perspective would be welcome too. But aside from that, the game provided a great playing experience. 
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