This is a pretty fun game reminiscent of Baldur's Gate and Diablo II. it has a classic element to it and it was only made by just one guy which is pretty cool! the ads are very few and reasonable, and you can but he game to remove it and get some premium things in the game like unlocking some premium chests you may find and gambling and some other things. at first I found navigation of pretty much everything pretty confusing and the UI super cluttered, but I got used to it and it's okay. Most of this game you'll spend in dungeon crawler kind of situations. Even at maximum level plenty of creatures towards the end can still easily kill you if you're not careful so the game is challenging allt he way through. the environments are detailed in unexpected ways, like foliage moving and skulls under your feet rolling out of the way. i wasn't expecting that out of a lower resolution graphics game! I would have appreciated being able to turn on and off the music, as one of the dungeon/cave tracks that plays in many of the maps is super repetitive. Another drawback is the story. It is extremely boring. not because the idea is stale but there is very little development or meaningful engagement with the story and the ending is abrupt and very anticlimactic. I was disappointed with that but the game overall is still lots of fun and totally worth it to play as a vintage feeling top down fantasy hack and slash!
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