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Overall: Definitely worth a try but not enough content
Long Review: This is trying to be like the old nfs games such as carbon, and I gotta say, its working for me!
The graphics are good enough. Maybe a bit more than enough. Not many cars, but still a few. Has a good open world map. The traffic and scenery makes the map feel full of life unlike other mobile games like this. I played like 10 minutes or so, but didn't see any actual race like me vs others. Just 1v1 or other small activities. Anyway so far, awesome. Definitely worth a try and for sure a hidden gem for mobile racing games genere.
Alright after playing for a few days the game got real boring. Lost all interest. The game is good, yes. But theres just not enough content. Like you do some simple and easy events to earn money and buy cars. Thats it. Collecting those cars is the main objective here. And theres actually no "racing" here. You just play against time which isn't exactly "racing".
I feel like there should be a bit more customization options. Like body kits. And hey whats up with some cars having fixed colours for spoilers? I mean, pink spoilers for A Buggati Chiron? Seriously?
So yeah, great potential but poor content. Just add like a story mode or make the races a bit more challenging with opponents.
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hello meste das pitas, tem algum jogo de corrida BOM pra indica? gostaria de humilhar meus openentes no asfalta, porem nao acho nada agradavel para jogar
Im guessing you're asking for some racing games for android. If you want realistic type, then try Gear Club or Real Racing 3. But if you want more fun type game racing game, try Beach buggy racing 1 or 2. They're filled with power ups.
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