The new graphics overhaul is awesome! It's almost like a brand new release; totally extends the life of this of game. This is my favorite edition of all the Ragnaroks because of all the cool classes and clean UI. The overhaul makes the cameras better too. Honestly, I choose to play this game against all of upcoming Genshin and PGR clones because I want some positive energy, and there are so many mmos and rpgs out there that aggravate me for one reason or another. The UI/UX is really ingenious and not bloated. Beautiful.
edit: If the devs read this, there is one cosmetic thing I would love to see. I want the character creator to include colored eyes. Brown, blue, green, grey, etc. It sounds trivial, but that would be super nice. Thank you.
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I remember that you can change the eye colour albeit you have to purchase or unlock it. Same with hair too, though I need to check on that.
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