I love my Fiixie games but I hate Square Enix. there one of the Shadyest companys out their right now especially with how hard they are pushing NFTs on their clientel aka US GAMERS, especially when we have ALL stated we DONT WANT NFT's they still push it. And do NOT BE FOOLED BY A TRAILER! TRAILER'S HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOOOOOOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAME.
Oh and Square Enix is the ABSOLUTE WORST WHEN BUILDING MOBILE GAMES. They are so far from understanding what we want as gamers I think they truly have LOST their ways. I mean look at Final Fantasy's Last Soilder WHAT A JOKE. the game Not ONLY RAN LIKE POOP on my 1400 dollar Cell phone with 32gb of Ram. NO EXCUSE TO HAVE A SHIT GAME LIKE THIS RUN LIKE POOP WHEN the system your using has that much Ram. also it played like KaKa also you couldnt move certain buttons bc they were locked down its like they dont know their own fan base but this is why their mobilr department has GONE TO SHIT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOOOO TRUST OR FAITH IN THEM WHAT SO EVER. FRANKLY if you think I am happy to say this I AM NOT!! THIS hurts my feelings deeply!!!
FRANKLY WERE all affraid that your product name is starting to come true your becoming a gosh darn SQUARE!!!!
I REALLY, REEEEEALLY HOPE TO BE PROVEN WRONG BECAUSE I HATE, & I mean absolutely hate being mean to games I truly care for, & truly I find to be extremely dissheartingu, & VERY DEPRESSING PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE PROOVE ME WRONG Square Enix....!!!!!!!!
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Shinobi Fleur
Shinobi Fleur
That's true. Squarenix mobile gammes are trash, they just try to milk fans over doing good gammes
Minak Fara
Minak Fara
if this game become to NFT series fix this game and development is Trash
the concept is NFT itself is pretty fine. If you don't want to monetize it, then just play the game normally without trading NFT. The real problem is, AFAIK, every game with NFT are cashgrab and underdeveloped. Say that CSGO skins turn into NFTs. It won't have much impact since it doesn't affect the game. Games that are designed to support NFTs would support NFTs. NFTs that are designed to support game would support the game. No one is seemingly make the latter.
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