Okay so I've only just started so this may change. first off, the review says Realme V5 5G but it's a Realme 7 5G. This will become relevant later.
Now on to the actual game, there's no autoplay, absolutely love that, that's almost a 5★ right there, in a world with so many auto play garbage copy and paste games, this is refreshing. I haven't played long, like 5 minutes or so, I like it so far, and that's saying a lot since I typically don't enjoy hack & slash type games.
The only thing that's taking a star off this review and keeping it from 5★ is the fact that the game is poorly optimized for Android so far, my phone should easily be able to play something like this at 60 fps on high, as I can do exactly that on Genshin Impact with only a stutter when moving to a new area. This game, I have to have it on low graphics settings and even then, I'm lagging. Fix that and you got a 5★ review from me 👍🏻