Amazing Gameplay Perfect For Any Anime Lover! | Otaku's Adventure (Demo)

We recently played the game Otaku's Adventure (Demo). This game truly brings the art of comedy to mobile gaming! The gameplay has incredible dialogue and is relatable to anyone who loves anime. On top of all of this, the artwork for the game is amazing! Let’s chat about this game!
This game stands out to us because of the comedy and storytelling. In the beginning, the main character is getting ready for a date. You have to go through his home and help him get ready. The great part is you are able to name your character! So if you ever dreamed of helping an Otaku find a girlfriend here is your chance! This choice-based game has many results depending on how you respond to dialogue which is great for anyone who is a fan of games like Tales From The Borderlands.
The controls are simple to follow. As you continue your journey in this game you unlock more dialogue that will help you. Which scenario will your otaku end up with? If you are interested in learning more about this demo and playing this incredible game be sure to check it out.
Consider downloading it today:
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