I cant say this game is gonna be complete and Utter SHIT on mobile BUT I CAN SAY ITS COMPLETE AND UTTER SHIT on Steam, it runs like poop, NO ONE EVER IS PLAYING AND THIS IS ALL coming from someone that has a $6,000 dollar PC(Which I worked my AZZ OFF TOO BUILD, literally piece by PEICE!!) NEVERTHELESS, on steam I played the open beta and actually enjoyed it very much buuut, then once release date came theu through a 19.99 dollar price tag on her, & called it good. Nah nah nah, it wasnt a good game on steam & frankly wont be a good game on TapTap. I HATE BEING THE NEGGITIVE NEDD OVER HERE but thats reality. I am npt the only one that thinks this way 90% of STEAMS Reviews seem too think the exact same as I do.
With all that bullshit being said, I feel like before they attempt to capitalize on mobile porting, why dont they improve the base game FIRST!?!?! I mean if it isnt a money grab that is!?!?!
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