All new update [Glory of Valhalla] has launched!

All new update [Glory of Valhalla] has launched!Battle of Allure City Reignited, the biggest revamp to GVG
- All new Guild War [Honor Hold], who will defend the final [Magnificent]The biggest revamp to Guild War, massive expansion to City Map, More Strongholds to contest over, complete upgrade of both offensive and defensive strategies! Adventurers! Fight for the Artifacts and defend honor!
The brand-new sever [Valhalla] will be available on May 25th!
Adventurers on the [Valhalla] sever can reserve rewards in advance.
* Each adventurer with a base level of no less than Lv.12 can claim an exclusive reward for the new server at [Rupee] on the Prontera;
* The Reservation Reward includes: Cuisine [Omnipotent Poring Lollipop x5], Buff Item [Battle Duration Resupply Agent - 30min x1], Limited Headwear [Hot-blooded Baseball Cap x1];
* How to obtain the Non-new-server [Hot-blooded Baseball Cap]: It will be on the shelf in the Freyr Coin Exchange Shop on June 25th. Adventurers, please wait patiently for subsequent updates.
Guild War Adjustment
1. Guild wars will usher in a comprehensive revision. The Adventure Guilds will compete against each other on the battlefield named [Fort Glory].
* The Casual Mode will be available for adventurers to enjoy between May 26th and June 2nd;
* The First Season will initiate on June 9th. Please prepare yourselves, adventurers;
* The occupation status of all GVG cities will be reset after the maintenance.
2. GVG Season Mode
* Each complete season will last for 3 months, and the first season will initiate on June 9th;
* The first 10 weeks of each season is the occupation period, and the last 3 weeks are the off-season;
* Match Season: by occupying cities, adventures can gain rewards and win points for their guilds.
* Off-Season: the GVG will remain open for adventurers to gain regular rewards, but their Season Points will no longer change.
* Each season starts at 5:00 AM on Wednesday in the first week of every 3 months and ends at 24:00 PM on Sunday in the 10th week.
* At the end of each season, all cities will be emptied and reset to unoccupied.
* At the end of each season, rewards will be issued to adventurers according to their Guilds' current rankings of points.
* You can check out the details rules in the game.
Content Optimization
1. Featured Costumes and Headwear have been updated, and you can exchange them in the Freyr's Coin Shop.
2. A new function Portable Gashapon has been added to the game.
3. New Chapters for the Main Story
4. Oracle Instance Adjustment
5. Wasteland - Maple Leaf Faramita Adjustment
6. Rift Instance Adjustment
7. New Recommended Gears for Newbie Adventurers
8. The Gear Recommendation and Customization functions have been optimized.
9. The Deacon function has been optimized
10. Guild instance rewards have been optimized
In addition,unlocking conditions of certain functions have been optimized,
Transformation Scrolls can no longer be sold in the Exchange etc.
Fixed Bugs
1. After the [Sun Moon Lament - Star] Rune: [Doomsday] Duration +5 seconds takes effects, enemies in the [Doomsday] status can no longer deal full damage to the Bard Dancer when outside the [Demise of Sun and Moon];
2. Fixed the bug that after the Sky Tearing Dragon Punch changed to a jab, some characters still punched a hook, jumped into the air, and couldn't launch attacks;
3. Fixed the healing effect display bug that happened when the [Loli Ruri Card] released the [Heal] passively;
4. Fixed the damage inconsistency bug that happened when players released [The Pioneer] after they changed their off-hand equipment frequently;
5. The quest [Chocolate]'s evidence prompts are now displayed in a more obvious way;
6. Fixed the equipment recommendation error of the Mind & Soul Assassin genre;
In addition,also fixed Bugs like
the bug that some unfinished side quests would still exist after players used the Memory Potion 1.0,the sky display bug of the map The Misty Forest,the bug that some Merge Items couldn't be merged after repeated taps  etc.
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