V1.0.10 Updated instructions

Dear ball-players:
We have recently collected feedback from many players and hope that the gameplay can be more interesting and exciting. We are now developing an exciting new gameplay, so stay tuned.
In addition, for the problem of high ping, because we are only a small studio, we have temporarily optimized the network environment in Southeast Asia. We will continue to optimize the network environment in other regions in the future.
Here are our updates this week!
V1.0.10 Updated instructions
New Features!
>> In order to balance the situation where the Big Ball cannot fight in Freemode, we have added a new Thorn Ball in Freemode - the Red Thorn. When you eat it, it will split you and lose some volume
>>Added the captain icon on the main interface
>>Added a new fan tab in the relationship interface, now it is more clear which new fans are added!
>> Added new humanoid characters
Bug fixes and improvements!
>> Fixed the display effect of color beans
>> Fixed some bugs in the novice guide
>> Optimized the display logic of the chat interface tab
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