Barely played Girls Frontline because chibi gameplay wasn't appealing. When they 1st announced this game I was surprised they were going from 2d to 3d. After months of silence, they bless us with a new awesome trailer, new raifus, out with genshin gacha, in with whatever they replaced it with. Would be happy if they would stop developing some of the other games they're working on, just because I feel that this game would get the most players, bakery just looks like gfl gameplay, & neural cloud looks like blue archive chess edition (rip ba global, curse you Nexon for ruining another great game, poor Yostar). Though this game won't be able to get all the raifus gfl has, I'm sure the amount they add will be more than enough, especially since devs said you can mod whatever you want onto your raifus (models will be separate from clothes) but I assume they don't want people giving them clothes thatre too horny or it might get censored or even removed (so just don't cross the line & ruin it for everyone). With how quiet Bandai has been with Blue Protocol, this update was very much needed, with Arknights revealing Endfield, while they might not release before Exilium, had they stayed quiet for any longer, players likely would've stopped waiting for news. Sorry if you read this far, but I hope that we can get a release date at least, because while more time means less problems later on, getting to play someday is also good.
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