Start out with level 30 in cbt...
Breezed through the sorry quest, it seems you can't get passed 1-7. Dodging needs to be a little smoother, dialog is well thought out, especially when you have to beat through 10 stages to continue with the story which leads to more to be desired. 60 multi pulls and I got all standard characters including Asuna, kirito, Lizbeth, Silica, and Leafa + a ssr Asuna duplicate. (There is a dupe system consisting of 5 stars) The standard banner also consists of abilities ranging from Rare- lowest to SSR rarity as the highest. Oh yea, when you first began, you have unlimited summoning untill you receive a 10 pull of your liking. You don't need to worry about searching Yt How to reroll guide, clearing data and stuff, when the game provides the unlimited reroll. It is possible to receive 3 ssr or more in a single 10 pull which I came across multiple of times. You start out with an ssr kirito so focus on getting other characters.
There is an event and the unlockable rewards is based on how many points you gather per round. Meaning its a constant grind and repeat which varies from the level of difficulty. Ofcorse, level 60 being the highest, it was also quite challenging which I had to spend the VC gems currency to revive which I dont reccomend since it is a currency to pull for units or scouts as they called it. Rest assured there is an item called skip tickets which you can farm them from numerous places such as story quest and daily xp/coins. The skip ticket system is self explanatory, you use the ticket to skip and receive the rewards. Literally it sums up the reward for you, the process taking less than 5 seconds. So 100 skip tickets is equivalent to 100 completed rounds. In comparison to auto repeat, the ticket system is convenient and time efficient even if it seems like a lack luster lazy concept.
Leveling up abilities and and characters (scouts) is quite simple comparing to integral factor and other sao games. Simply upgrade them with mats and match the abilities best suited for the character. There is 3 abilities slot for the character so you can apply unique combo and test them out in training.
Graphics range from low (1) to High with 3 in between option to better customize graphics settings.
They overdid the summoning animation, but it's definitely iconic and interesting. Ofcorse skip button comes in clutch, but I do wish the skip button will also apply to skipping individual summoning or have the option to skip all to get it over with. There is a way to determine whether you receive an ssr right from the get go, if you press skip once, a symbol will appear in a form of a screen. If you find yourself with a kirito symbol its a guaranteed ssr. Another way to determine is Kirito va, if he sounds shocked, then you pulled something impressive.
Limited Va during the dialog its your usual grunts and mhm agreement. There will be times when they read out a full phrase but thats 20% of the time. My favorite Va line is a villain laughing out loud wickedly and gave a satisfying yAHOooooo. Very cool imo.
As for the story not sure what route they are going, eveything is an introductory during the cbt so for sure more to come and looking forward to.
Visuals/animation: 8/10
Story: ?/10
cut scenes: 9/10 stunning visuals 👀
Game mechanics/abilities: 7/10 Switch lol
Farming/Questing 8/10
Summoning: 9/10
overall a low 8/10. The game crashed once but continued to work smoothly. Perfect way to pass the time 👌
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