Game play strategy|essential tutorial for new players!

To help you enjoy the game, please read the following information before participating in the beta.
Difficulty Levels
Easy - Voidom
Hard - Primglory (unlocks after clearing Voidom 3-5)
Nightmare - Trurem  (unlocks after clearing Voidom 4-5)
Faction System
Red Monument - Dire
Yellow Monument - Fate
Green Monument - Abyss
The faction affects the [Sacrifice & Redemption] system. After clearing a stage, a corresponding bonus will be granted by selecting Sacrifice or Redemption.
For example, if your faction is Dire and you win a battle, you will gain 100% bonus rewards when you select Sacrifice or lose 50% clearance rewards when you select Redemption.
Basic Tutorial - Trial of Orisols Lord
In this beta, the first boss you encounter in the tutorial is Caxias and he has two stances. It's fine if you fail to defeat the 2nd stance of the boss. The following stages will not be affected.
Battle Tips
When you see Blue Flash on the boss, use the Break skill to interrupt his attack. His action will then be temporarily disabled due to Hit Recovery.
When the boss is affected by Red Flash, he will become invincible. Please watch out for his attacks.
If you lose the target, tap the View Angle button to lock onto the boss again.
STA will be consumed when you use skills.
Important Battle Info
In stages, you will see a reversed triangle in the top left corner. The icon indicates the number of explorable treasures on this map (including chests and blue flames).
Random Dice
When exploring the map, there is a chance that a random dice will be rolled. The number rolled the multiplier for the bonus rewards. If you want a better number, you can consume the Explore of the stage to refresh the multiplier.
HP Recovery
Before clearing Voidom 1-5, you can fully recover your HP by defeating the enemies in the Red Grave during the stage. After clearing Voidom 1-5, you can acquire a healing skill by equipping a Soul Core with a healing skill.
Fatigue Cost for "Retry"
When finishing a stage, you can tap the Retry button to challenge again (no additional Fatigue will be deducted),if failed at the boss, you will restart at the boss stage.
During a battle, there is a blue Support Horn. If the boss is too strong, you can summon (Blue Horn) a friend to assist you.
The enemy hero is located in the Scarlet Grave. Defeat the enemy hero to receive bonus rewards.
Handling Minions
Currently, there are three main types of minions in the game, including dogs, knights, and chest monsters.
Due to the lack of Blue Flash, chest monsters are relatively weak. The other two minions are capable of Blue Flash. By drawing the minions together, use Break to interrupt their combo during Blue Flash. After that, switch to your heavy weapon and finish them off.
City Function Unlocking Order
End of Tutorial: Unlocks Muninn (Mail) and Audhum
Clear1-2: Unlocks Soul Core Summon
Clear1-3: Unlocks Abraham’s Shop
Clear1-4: Unlocks guild
Clear2-2: Unlocks Gear Enhancement
Clear2-3: Unlocks Treasure Zone ; Book of Adventure Zone
Clear Primglory1-3: Unlocks Soul Core Advancement
Sacrifice Shop: Buy gear with Sacrificial Stones
Redemption Shop: Buy gear with Redemption Stones
Eternal Trove - Market: Buy Soul Core Materials with Soul Stones
Currency Acquisition Sacrificial Stones - After clearing stage,choose sacrifice the monster to obtain
Redemption Stones - After clearing stage,choose redeem the monster to obtain
Soul Stone - Obtain from events and quests
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