Despite the constant troubles Grimlight faced due to server issue, the staff on Discord kept us on loop with information and easing the tension by providing thorough apologies and feedback of the future of Grimlight as well as compensation awarded to global and asia server. With that said;
Yes, a chibi game with luxurious art gameplay. Start of with 10x10 reroll summons and choose your best roll. Although 5* unit isn't guaranteed between the 10 free summoning, its possible to get up to 4* 5 star units as I've seen.
Story engaging as well as the music, pve content is straightforward and super rewarding which you can obtain weapon currency banner and memory shards currency to pull for standard banner while getting gems for the rate up event banner. Clear a chapter is equivalent to 2x10 summon plus chapter challange which is another 2x10. Basically you can keep pulling on banner as you complete content and receive even more generous award from dailies and quest challenges. Same can be said for weapon banner, clear content to pull. Pretty straightforward.
The game consists of units ranging from 5* to 3* being the lowest rarity. The unique thing about this game is the current tier list consists of diverse units of various class and rarity. Just because you have a 5* doesn't always mean best unit. Each unit consist of moveset beneficial to the gameplay and because of the diverse comps, one can never tire out building.
However as you climb through middle content, you notice keys(stamina) running out quicker. Must balance out clearing content and upgrading charchter because it can be demanding sometimes. There is a dunegon and it isn't tedious comparing to other games. Simply beat a dungeon and set how many rounds you want to replay to farm mats and gold coins. Let's say you want to farm 5x gold dunegon, just beat it once then you receive all 5 round gold rewards. Very time friendly!
There are dupes in game in a form of constellation for units to gain additional atk cc cd etc. You can reroll for stats. Refine weapons for dupes but it is better to not dupe weapons unless you have 4 or more copies.. Upgrade books which gives +1 atk, def, and hp stats to individual unit. Everything farmable through dungeon. There is an abyss mode which varies from 10-20 20-30 and so on, 70 being the max I beleive and you receive multiple nice rewards.
Housing system which requires no time consuming effort, check in daily for inspection and receive currency to buy charchater skins and other stuff. Yes! skins are farmable which is neat. Unit dupes can also be a currency for skin <<
Pvp content is straightforward. 5 rounds per day, and rank from bronze to legendary. There is auto play in game, however auto won't help in most cases requiring actual plan and strategy.
As of now f2p freindly. So many rewards + compensation, there is a total of 43 units in game and I need 7 more to complete the deck xd. The Keys (stamina) is kinda lackluster hopefully it will change once the game goes out of beta.
⚠️ Although the global launch announcement, the game went back to beta due to server issue and such effecting game connectivity and accruing crashes. But the compensation we received is more thn enough satisfactory and I thank the devs for the taking the time to inform of the situation and addressing the issues!
Ty for the quick read enjoy yourself 🤝
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