kuukiyomi - Very Japanese Problems

We all somehow know about the Japanese culture - their manga, anime, games, samurai, food... Well, here's the chance to get to know about something more subtle - their personalities.
The rule for kuukiyomi (or literally 'read the air' in Japanese) is actually pretty simple - just do whatever you feel most appropriate or considerate in a couple of different situations, and you will get a score by the end of each test. Would you stand right behind somebody to form a perfect straight queue? Would you make some space for a chatty couple in love? While finding yourself in some common or strange place, remember to ask yourself: what would the Japanese people do?
You might think that this quirky game is only fun for people who know about the Japanese culture. But noooooooooo. If you are someone who is a little socially awkward, or someone who always tries to be polite, or just someone who can't stop wondering what others think about you, this game can be a hilarious experience.
It works the opposite as well. Because this game is not just Yes/No questions. You get to improvise. Two love birds want you to move so they can sit together? Well then, just sit on one of them to see what happens next? (Please don't do that in reality though.)
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