Kuukiyomi - Hype Impressions/Is It Legit?/Mobile Version

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"Kuukiyomi" contains in-game ads.
The contents are opened in sequence according to the play level.
◆ Are you good at reading the atmosphere?
See how considerate you can be, without worrying about what others think!
This game is the official Global version of Japanese original version 「空気読み。」(It means 'reading the atmosphere') that diagnose the degree of sense for reading the atmosphere for the first time in history (!?). It can diagnose your score for reading situations when you read any situations according to cases. How many points will you earn?^^
◆ 'Red one' is just 'You' !!
Drag or touch the red character 'You' on the screen to have the character play a role matched to each episode. Most times the main character 'You' is operated, but another character may be operated according to the situation. After playing 100 problems, it will be evaluated how well you can read the situation. Do you have a good sense? Or you have slow wits? Challenge it! If you play well, you will be praised. ^^
Enjoy the opportunity to spend the dreamy time to read the situation with cute characters alone~!
◆ You can enjoy the game in 100 different problems and other modes.
Your extraordinary imagination!! Release you in the hidden modes after completing 100 problems without caring about everyone's eyes. ^^
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Hihe was like oh I
Hihe was like oh I
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