fallout shelter, but with clans.

so hello. let's talk about Fallout shelter online. At first glance, this is an ordinary craft, but let's take a closer look at it.
the game itself involves a long development for many months, or even several years. a rather aggressive donat is pushing for this. without it, you will have a long way to the top.
let's move on to the gameplay and battles: throughout the game you will collect various characters from the fallout and their collaborations (Doom for example). all of them in stock will be weak. to strengthen them, you will have to collect various equipment and resources for them.in addition to things, you will have to collect character drawings to strengthen them.
map: it is extensive. there are 3 botanical guilds: the Minutemen, the Brotherhood of Steel and the University, as well as simple hard workers. Each clan has its own characters that give maximum bonuses in battle if set in 1 order. In addition to guilds, you will see simple levels and difficult ones. In them you will pass 100500 times, for the sake of things.
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