TapTap Top 5 NEW Mobile Games and T3 Arena Update

Tap Tap Presents 2022 was a great event where more than 20 games were showcased and it's all expected to be bangers so make sure that you enjoy my Top 5 Mobile Games Coming soon.
My TapTap Presents Notes:
TapTap Presents
Annulus - trailer
- Trailer alone was FIRE sad to see no gameplay though
Wuthering waves
possible gacha, definitely looks like something I Would play the game looks flawless interms of excitement.
torch light infitity
kinda looks like A LOT is going on in this game and when it comes to that portion of gaming that deters me from the game itself
turn based rpg that looks REALLY good. If I was still into this genre I would definitely look into the game as it shows a bit of 3d elements that make it colorful and fun to look at honestly
captain tsubasa
Ayo if this game is anything like fifa Im copping straight up LOL
sword of convallaria
The beginning art style of the trailer looked AMAZING but then when I saw the gameplay it killed the hype for me. This is moreso me judging a book by its cover but hey it is what it is
Project stars
Definitely gives me no mans sky / subnautica feel the art style is PHENOMENAL I would be quite hype to play
This game is just not me I would play sword of convallaria before this.
Koi Remake
I lied I would play THIS before hearttopia I'm a FISH can nothing go wrong... NOTHING
anno mutationen
Tbh I didnt knolw what to make of this game.. moving on
barbarQ 2
This game looks like one of the most casual beat em up games Ive ever seen now in the first half ngl I thought super cell was behind this but the game honestly looks solid
Reminds me of pokemon mystery dungeons Isk if you guys know the nintendo ds game but it was a BANGER of a dungeon crawlers and I havent play that type of game in a second and tbh this looks like it has potential
Flash Party
LOOOKS CLEAN I never knew that super smash could look amazing on mobile and they did EXACTLY that.
Neon abyss infinite
Art styles like this ngl I genuinely dont care for
Eternal Evolution
had lots of hope for this game but when I saw the gameplay it KILLED it for me
Unhappy Raccoon
TONS of repition in the gameplay, seems like to me the gameplay will get dull. Besides that the game looks colorful to look at and doesnt seem like it would be boring besides the repitition
Go Go Muffin
Bro this trailer had me in the first half but the turn based looks cool but most definitely a no..
T3 Arena -
Do I need to say anything???
The Monster Hunter genre just isnt my thing tbh..
Ragnarok M
Looking at this game overal the art styles are phenomenal, however based on rpg style games like this it has never kept my attention long
Totally accurate battle simulator
This game is FILLED WITH CONTENT and tbh I look forward to makinbg videos about this
Naraka Bladepoint
This Game on MOBILE??? Ayo the amount of cheek clappage is real man
Genshin Impact
Literally the most PEACEFUL game I could have ever encountered but ive tried out this game and it just wasnt it for me
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Debbie Bonner
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