A Fresh Breath of the Classic RPG Genre

Exiled Kingdoms RPG is a must-play for any RPG fans and soon-to-be fans. As it gives a compelling and diverse story to cater players that wants to play long hour sessions.
Nowadays, I spend my hours playing PC games but sometimes I need something that's light, good enough to keep me playing for days on end, and  something that I can spend most of time to playing.                                           
Exiled Kingdoms has a large world with numerous cities and brimming with life and Dungeons crawling with monsters. Various classes are available to choose from to kickstart your journey to the world and write history.
I am usually picky about my games, but in the end of day nostalgia just blows away any written categories. Exiled Kingdoms reminded me of Grim Dawn a game of similar genre. And that made this game special because it reminded me of the progression and long hours spent onn grinding in Grim Dawn.  #TapTapExplorerS1
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