Cyber Hunter is a dead game. There are so many hackers that of course NetEase didn't doing anything to ban them because NetEase only cares the money... Also this game is so toxic... And why there are so many barefoot girls in this game? The funny thing is the barefoot thing is still legal. I-I swear I'll post it on DeviantArt and Pixiv, NetEase... And surely the feet fetishes will love that, because in this world is full of feet fetishes. So I don't think it's a futuristic battle royale... A battle royale gacha/anime where you can go barefoot... Except Super Mecha Champions though. After this, I saw everything... Barefoot girls, PC players vs mobile players because this game is a Cross-Play, hackers who never get banned because you wanna the money and the hackers pay you for it, toxic players, nothing oserious, and this game never get updated like for 2 years on Play Store and App Store because this is probably a dead game. And they are redoing the same seasons, with the same recycled clothes, the same recycled skins, same content, nothing new, all the same, no new maps, no new modes, always the same arena and loot lord mode, which the loot lord mode is the most abandoned, and loot lord always says "new game mode" even if it's not the new game mode because loot lord came out long time ago and it's just a Escape From Tarkov copy... And they have removed the old clothes/skins. Do me a favor NetEase, just shutdown your game forever and remove it on Play Store, App Store, and even on Steam. Or sell your game for €39,99 since your game is full of hackers and full of nonsense... And they're still playing at this game even if this game is so abandoned and it's not even popular... I mean, they're playing the serious games like PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite or CoD Warzone, and they're still playing Cyber Hunter even a PC gaming, with the worst port...
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