An Ode to RPG games of Old #TapTapExplorerS1

Exiled Kingdoms is a classic action RPG game for mobile highly reminiscent of retro action RPGs on consoles.
Exiled Kingdoms, You  embark on an epic quest into an abandoned kingdom of old to seek your glory, defeating countless enemies on the way. The story is intriguing and engaging. The  graphics and mechanics are retro styled.
There is a lot of customisation options including classes such as warrior and rogue. The added flexibility of choosing a game difficulty ensures the enjoyment of veterans and casuals alike. More classes and an additional difficulty level can be unlocked with an in-app purchase purchase.
The on-screen controls can be a bit stiff sometimes but the game offers controller support and using a controller to play the game is highly recommended. Overall, Exiled Kingdoms is certainly a hidden gems and probably the perfect game for you if you love old school action RPGs.
Gameplay                        :7/10   
Graphics and Music       : 7/10
Monetization                   : 9/10
Controls and Gameplay : 7/10
Overall                              :8/100
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