7 Years From Now Game Review: Fascinating Memory of Indie

Memories have always fascinated me. I love sharing some of them. And yet in other cases, I would love to forget that them. But in 7 years from now, a young, high schooler named horouto(Not sure if i spell it right) is doing everything he can to try and reclaim what he's forgotten.
So having lost all of his memories in a prior accident here, to begins having flashbacks to other events that have occurred in his life. And eventually he remembers a promise that was made between him and a young girl, he then becomes determined to fulfill that promise.
This is actually a pretty difficult story to discuss without any spoilers. But what I can say is that you can expect a lot of crazy plot twists in this game. And if you are a fan of games that are negatively driven such as to the moon, this goes there in a lot of different ways. There are hard hitting emotional moments. There are some lighthearted moments, but for the most part, you're going down a deep rabbit hole.
There are times throughout 7 years where you will gain control of your character, but most of your time is going to be spent reading through text. Then there is no voice acting whatsoever. When you do gain control of a character. However, it mainly serves as a vessel to again advance the story.
So you're moving from one point to another, and you're gonna spend a lot of time in your hometown area. You won't really see a lot of different settings in this game. This almost gives the game a little bit of a visual novel feel. And unfortunately, you can't quickly scroll through the tail. You do have the manually push the button. You'll find that this game is very limited in options, but no, really, the only point of this game play is to get to the next story beats.
So I was often asking myself, what's the point of even having control? The best thing I could come up with is that the developers were testing whether or not you were still paying attention, it would have been nice to have a little bit of export iteration, a little bit more interactivity here or there, but it's not to be. But thankfully, this story will keep you invested, at least I believe it hits on enough emotional levels where I wanted to see what was going to happen next. It's pretty long winded, but again, there's enough twists and turns throughout where I don't feel like you'll be bored.
Last warning, though, there is some kind of messed up content in this game. That's probably not what you were expecting when you looked at it. But heavy subject matter, for sure, as far as the visuals of this game, it goes for a three d pixel art style. If you're a fan of games like mine craft, or I'm going back in time here with one that I like, three d dot heroes, you might appreciate this. Look, it's I love it or hate it type deal. I don't have an issue with it. It's not always my favorite art style, but I think it works well enough here. It's kind of cute which sort of meshes in a weird way with the darker undertones of this story. It does make for an interesting visual presentation. I wasn't a big fan of this whole menu icon being on the screen. The entire time. I couldn't figure out a way to get rid of it. It does feel a little lazy in some ways. I would say this is a really wonderful soundtrack and it heightens the mood quite a bit, some very nice, melodic piano, very sad at times, uplifting at other times, seems to go along well with the script.
In general, 7 years from now is still a gut punch. At times. It has an interesting visual style. That's a bit of a mixed bag. But overall, I like the blocky pixel are, I have to say the soundtrack is really quite captivating. I think the writing is strong. And I did feel a connection between some of these characters. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. And ultimately, that's all you could ask of a narrative.
Overall, it's a sad game for sure. So if you're in a low place in life, this might not be the best option. But if you enjoy emotionally driven games and you prefer story over game play, then this one does come highly recommended sure.
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