Wait..why is it so quiet?? Welcome to the Silent Age

Journey into a dystopian future where mankind has gone extinct. Travel through the time between the iconic 70s and a desolate present day haunted by silence.
My Experience:
Now I may not be the biggest on point-and-click adventure games but from time to time I like having that nostalgia feel of playing them again.
The Silent Age brought that feeling back seeing how this was just a regular Janitor's job and suddenly going into an adventure of time and space!
A game I would come back to just to experience the adventure again!
Fun game
Great Story
An adventure you never expected
Controls didn't respond sometimes
Can get easily lost
This is a game I would recommend to most people interested in Point-and-click adventure games or starting to get back into the genre! You can download this game on TapTap.io, Google plays store, and iOS!
Rating: a Great download to get back into the Genre!!
Thank you for listening to this video!
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