Pondering the history of the genre and my excitement for the next chapter - I'm a Rotaeno junkie 😍

Man, I can't wait for the next chapter. I've already full perfected almost all the songs, but the difficulty curve from 12+ to 13 is bonkers. I'm in the top 100 players on Kalpa, can add most every Phiros song, and Cytus II has become so easy I rarely open the game up. Orzmic does challenge me still, but to be honest, that's mostly because some of the charts are designed kind of amateur. It's rough trying to get used to hitting the ones at the top of circle. I guess Orzmic's dev sees the circles as representing where your fingers should land, but in reality those circles are entirely aesthetician and serve no purpose other than to confuse the crap out of people.
I hope this next chapter bumps those 13s up to 14 and introduces more songs that help reduce the difficulty spike. It's hard to get any better when it goes from "I can perfect this" to "I can't even comprehend what I'm supposed to do here." Plus, I'm eager to enjoy new music and new story! 
You know, it's super weird having grown up with just DDR at home, touchscreens not even really existing yet, then Rock Band and Guitar Hero bringing rhythm games to a wider audience and having tons of popularity, touchscreen rhythm games popping up in arcades, and I was unfortunately not lucky enough to be able to play those. Beatmania existed, but again, I had no access to it. Then rythym games just disappeared, the rare indie title crossing rythym with other genres here and there but far and few between, and most of these had little replay value due to how easy they were. Osu and Audiosurf were hugely popular - Osu still is, but it always feels toxic for me in that community - but the genre just died out for the most part. 
Then all of a sudden, Asian game developers began dropping Rythym games for smartphones, and now here we are - a game that actually uses the gyroscope and touchscreen, something I can't say I ever expected to see. I can't get enough of it. 
I hope that this new chapter releases soon! I'm certain it'll be fantastic. 
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