How and why i can download and play so much games

So by now, you would've probably seen my posts on games over games over games and you're probably wandering weather i have Infinite storage on my phone. Well, no. Actually, my phone comes with 258 gb, as usual, they only allow me to use up to 256 gb as the other 2gb are rrequired for the phone to run. It's very simple, all you have to do is save space for games
How i have so much storage
Samsung S20FE 258 GB
What i do
Perform monthly storage clearence
Delete all internal storage files leaving those i need and don't know what they are used for
Move all possible apps to SD card
Uh- refrain from games that take up a lot of storage like
Genshin and honkai
shining nikki does occasionally take up alot of storage
Mentioned games
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