Adjustments on Oisa's Skills - Eternal Evolution

Dear Commanders,
We strengthened Oisa's skills in the new version last week. Let’s check out her new skills below and share how you feel about her in the comments!
Light of Heaven: Summons a bolt of light from the sky to strike enemies, inflicting 330% DEF as DMG to enemies within the specified range and having a 70% chance to stun them for 1 second. The probability is affected by ACC.
Talent Effect: Holy Light strike radius increased by 1m.
Light Impact: Swings the weapon to create an arc light wave, inflicting 220% DEF as DMG to the target.
Talent Effect: This skill also has a 70% chance to knock down the enemy. The probability is affected by the precision value.
Shield of Light: Lifts a shield for increased DEF and immunity to control effects. Increases DEF to 70%.
Talent Effect: Increases the defense of same row Ally by 20% for 5 seconds.
Holy Light: After Crowding an enemy, Oisa's shield is recharged, increasing damage reduction by 32% for 3 seconds.
Talent Effect: Damage reduction duration is extended by 2 seconds.
Exclusive Equipment Skills:
1: Upgrade energy skill: The stun duration of the Holy Light has been extended to 3 seconds.
2: Shield of Light's EX skill has been strengthened: Increase the defense of all allied heroes by 25% during the shield raising period.
3: The Shield of Light skill has been strengthened: Enemies who deal damage to you during the shield raise have a 25% chance of being stunned for 2 seconds. Each enemy is stunned only once. The probability is affected by ACC.
4: During battle, each time Oisa controls an enemy, her damage reduction increases by 6%, stacking up to 10 layers.
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