A pocket-sized dog sanctuary 🐕

Old Friends Dog Game is the best and the most wholesome simulation game I’ve been playing.
Based on the real Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary (OFSDS), a non-profit animal rescue group located in Tennessee, U.S., Old Friends Dog Game is about managing your own senior dog sanctuary.
The game has a calming atmosphere (the art work is inspired by Studio Ghibli) and touching story episodes, with plenty of things to do - petting these cuties, feeding them with homemade dog treats, giving them toys to play with, tidying up the place and crafting decorations.
Each doggie has a different personality and their own journey. You will have to fulfill their needs and increase the friendship between you two to unlock a new chapter.
You can even start a live stream in the game and earn rewards, as well as setting up your blog and sharing what’s happening in the sanctuary with your followers. It would be amazing for this game to add multiplayer so that you can share these precious moments with your friends.
Trust me, every dog lover should play this heartful game! 💗
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Bisan Bisan rathod
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