A game with Wholesomeness and Dogs!

The name of the game we are looking at today is called Old Friends Dog Game
So that you know this game is based on a place called " Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary " a retirement home for senior dogs!
Every story for each dog is a true story!
Story Summary:
A story game about friendship for people who love dogs. It was made in collaboration with the real Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.
This game is inspired by studio ghibli, creating your dog sanctuary to help nature and care for adorable senior dogs by baking treats, petting, and playing with them.
My Experience:
I have had a history with dogs I have taken care of and have had as pets. Seeing this and taking care of Senior/Young dogs in your sanctuary
Taking care of them, feeding them, and petting them gives that nostalgic feel of those dogs that are lost or want to open a sanctuary yourself.
If you want to follow and check out the Sanctuary here is the Website to send donations or Volunteer
Their Mission: To provide a loving home, good food, high-quality vet care, compassion, and comfort to senior dogs for the remainder of their lives.
To build a Forever Foster Home network to enable us to place more senior dogs in loving home settings for the duration of their lives.
To provide education on the joys and challenges of caring for aging dogs.
To work with other dog rescue groups to promote the adoption of senior dogs.
+ Taking care of these amazing dogs and hearing about their stories
+ Supporting a real sanctuary for senior dogs
+ Dogs are awesome + Creating a Sanctuary to help!
+ Tons of Wholesomeness in this game
There are no negatives in this game...every single second of this game has been even more wholesome
This is a beautiful game and knowing that there is one of these in real life and more around the world makes it even better!
I give Old Friends Senior Dog sanctuary a
Support our 4 legged friends and keep being awesome!
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