Succubus Idle - Hype Impressions/Is It Legit?

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Succubus Idle
[Story Introduction]
Recovering the power of the demons scattered on the stage and dungeon,
Start the journey to recover the Familiar Spirit
[Game Features]
- Easy to enjoy 3D idle RPG
- Hack and slash combat system using a spear
- Skill system acquired through the growth of Kid Demon
- Over 100 types of companion systems that use different skills
- Promotion and growth of Kid Demon using equipment
- Ranking system with real-time competition
- PvP and demonic beast dungeon content that can be rewarded
- Village system that enables real-time interaction with other users
- Various costumes that add to the charm of the Kid Demon
- Idle structure that can grow even through offline rewards
You can watch more reviews on My YouTube
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