I like this games because I think that I like there anime and I am so attached from it, but that not all . I love this because I  played rent  a girlfriend game but I don't able to understand japnese language so I think that let's it's  go and don't install this game but I have a think like some kind of love or you can say it that I am in love with this two animes and no matter how bad or good this game will be I have to play it for once. So , I take courage and download it and when I open this game I feel that this is different from  other games because it has different graphics design as compared to other game it has bright colours and has good animations as compared to  others. For  sword art  online I hasn't played it yet but as I see the gameplay of this game I can say that this game is totally different from their other games that they has made before. This game graphics is also very good as compared to anyother anime games tap tap have yet
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