Skyfall Chasers Review

hello I'm Ginisis Droid, Skyfall Chasers reminds me of those games that try to ripoff famous games with there own swing on it, it's looks pretty much like Apex Legends in all the bad ways,, The gameplay is messy but shooting is not that bad, and when it work it does feel satisfying,, But unfortunately that happens rarely because of the terrible FPS drop rate,, the game is not even optimized with 30 fps and some time it just lag horribly, it gets very bad almost unplayble even with my device which I play Apex legend without slightest lag,, I will be honest this game have solid game under all the problems but also it need lots of work to be done and then it might be a good Apex Legends ripoff,, even so if someone who can easily play Apex Legends why would they bother with this game at all unless this game is playble on low devices,,
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