Apex Legends Is Dead, Play Skyfall Chasers Instead

This free-to-play, out-of-this-world spin on an old genre and mechanics breathes new life into the BR genre. Suit up as one of five "Chasers" and battle other players (and the deadly Skyfall) in a frantic fight to collect as much Starlight as possible before the timer expires. But don't worry Chaser, death is not the end in this battleground! Where other games send you packing back to the lobby, or drop you back in with zero gear *cough Apex Legends/Mobile, Warzone, etc. *cough; Skyfall Chasers redeploys you to exact vengeance upon your killer and get back to the chase....because you didn't come all this way to requeue after a crushing defeat.
If you're sick of the same old-same old, tired mechanics, skin casinos, and other bloat-ware that serves only to grab your cash, then download Skyfall Chasers while the Season 1 Battle pass is still completely free.
The only thing you have to lose, is nothing at all.
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P.s.s. I'll be posting a video on my YouTube later today on how to play this on an emulator on PC, so if your device can't run it be sure to go hit that Subscribe button to get notified.
* You will need a significantly powerful device (something that runs at least 6GB of RAM with a current gen processor) I'm running on a Nord N200 w/ 7GB of RAM on Med Graphics/High FPS and it runs smooth as butter.
* Game progress does not carry over from one device to another, yet. So, whatever platform you install it on, make sure it's the one you want to keep playing on, as if you install it on another platform it will force you to create a new account. I imagine this will be updated in the future however.
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I wonder how much u got paid
Skyfall Chasers is dead before fully released lol
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