Hyper Evolution System - Eternal Evolution

Dear Commanders,
We released a new system Hyper Evolution as well as some corresponding items recently. Since many commanders are confused about the usage of the Gene Mutation Crystal - I and Gene Mutation Crystal - II, we would love to show you some pictures about how to use these items in the Hyper Evolution System.
Unlock Conditions:
1. You have unlocked the Inherit building in your Base.
2. You have 5 immortal heroes of level 240 and your inheriting level is 240.
When you meet the conditions above, you can unlock the Hyper Evolution System in the Inherit Building and follow the steps in the pictures to upgrade the hero quality of some heroes to EXTRAORDINARY and unlock their summit level.
1. Unlock the Hyper Evolution in the Inherit Building.
2. Select a hero that can be hyper-evolved and tap OK.
3. Make sure you have enough Hyper Evolution items and gold coins.
4. After tapping the Hyperevolution button, you should also confirm the tips below.
5. Finish the Hyper Evolution of a hero.
It's easy to understand the steps of the Hyper Evolution but really hard to unlock the system. So keep it up!
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