Mafia Esper - Hype Impressions/Mini Banga/Early Access

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"Mafia Esper" is an ACGN themed 3D roguelike action game with a modern and Mafia (Yakuza) setting.
In this unique Card Battle RPG experience infused with Roguelike, Idle and Action elements, you act as the master of a bar with the power to manipulate time. To protect the precious place you called home, you had to stand up against dangerous Mafias. Your involvement in the paranormal conflict has become inevitable.
Gameplay highlights:
[Character Collection] - Cool and Stylish
Free 10x Draws to get you started in the journey, fight with different stylish and original character cards!
[Roguelike] - Your Fate, Your Choice
Shatter the cruel fate and defy the turbulent time. Become the master of the Spirit Pavillion Bar and use the fate fragments you find on the quest to help your allies.
[Idle & Management] - Utilize your Allies' Different Skill Sets
Enjoy the innovative Simulation (SIM) elements. By sending allies to manage your BIZ (Business) while you're not around, you can get stronger with the idle experience.
[CO-OP] - Conquer Challenging Quests with your friends in Real-time
Team up with your trusted friends and challenge different bosses strategically, have fun the way you like it.
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