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Download Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) for Android. The best endless runner game! Join Talking Tom’s superhero team to rescue your superpowered friends and stop the rioting raccoons. Run, jump, and save the world in the BRAND NEW Talking Tom Hero Dash! BE A HERO AND JOIN THE TEAM!
Talking Tom Hero Dash offers exciting chases. Accompany Tom in the battle with Rakoonz and rescue Angela, Ben, Hank & Ginger! Download hereTalking Tom Hero Dash is one of Outfit7’s outstanding exciting action games. After an extended-release, the Game has attracted hundreds of millions of downloads in Google Play.The Game is based on the gameplay of the endless runner genre. Your mission is to Defeat the panda gang and participate in ongoing exciting races!
Simple controls and addictive gameplay
Talking Tom Hero Dash has Simple Controls and addictive gameplay. Like the famous Subway Surfers, you need to touch the screen on the left or right side to move in the desired direction. If you want to jump or crouch, just double-tap the screen.The Game has rich content, and you explore many exciting locations, such as lost temples, ancient cities, desert dunes, and snowy peaks.
A series of exciting challenges
Talking Tom Hero Dash offers a lot of obstacles, and they appear randomly on the challenging path. You even have to face dangerous panda gangs and even powerful Panda bosses.Get ready Accompany Tom in this fierce battle! Although the gameplay is simple, you still need many skills if you want to win in the end. The struggle can take place anywhere, from wide roads to high rooftops. It is suggested that you take advantage of the character to complete the quest more easily.
Discover many unique skins & characters
The player can only control Tom at the beginning. Then you rescue your friends in turn, and the War is fierce, so you need a strong team. The more good teammates you have, the sooner the player will achieve the desired goal. Talking Tom Hero Dash also offers many unique skins & characters.Thanks to the massive bonuses, you can unlock new clothes and characters for the complete experience. The Game offers popular characters like Hank, Angela, Ginner, and Ben. Also, you should remember to collect coins if you want to unlock exciting items.
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