Shenwei - Forest Walker - Eternal Evolution

Dear Commanders,
Shenwei, the Forest Walker, is available in Eternal Evolution! We believe most of you have recruited him in your team, but do you like this new hero? What do you think of his battle performance? Check out his skills below and share your opinions with us in the comments!
Hero Faction: Wenfyr
Hero Class: Summon
Hero Rarity: Elite
Hero Characteristics: Energy calls, brothers unite
[Hero Skills Information]
Energy Skill - Brothers Concentric: Shenwei summons a Shadow Tracker at the target location to help fight (if the target location is occupied by other units, it will find a reasonable location near the target location to summon). When the Shadow Tracker exists on the battlefield, release the big move again, and a new Shadow Tracker will be summoned, while the old one will disappear.
Shadow Tracker: A long-range unit that inherits 130% of the attack power, 90% of the defense power, and the HP of Shenwei. It has a 30% critical hit rate, a 15% damage bonus, and 500 points attack speed bonus. His normal attack deals 180% attack power of damage. It gives priority to attack the target being attacked by Shenwei for 20 seconds. Increase attack power by 20% when coming out, lasting for 8 seconds
Talent Effect: Each time the Shadow Tracker attacks, it will give a 30% ATK power treatment to Shenwei and Shadow Tracker.
Basic Skill - Inferno Method - Chasing Life: Shenwei casts a spell on all enemies in the target area - "Chasing Life"
"Chasing Life": Every time the enemy loses 3% of the maximum HP, he will receive an additional damage based on 95% of the Shenwei attack power. It can take effect twice at most, lasting for 10 seconds.
Talent Effect: The number of times "Chasing Life" taking effect is increased to 3.
Basic Skill - Inferno Method - Burst: Shenwei shoots a huge fireball at the target, which will explode after hitting the target, causing 210% damage to the target and all enemies within 2m around the target.
Talent Effect: "Inferno Method - Burst" explosion range is increased to 3m.
Passive - Elemental Energy Control: At the beginning, Shenwei increases energy by 350 points.
Each time he releases a skill, he will permanently increase the skill damage by 4% and the attack power of the Shadow Tracker by 3%. This effect can be stacked up to 5 layers.
Talent Effect: The maximum effect stack is increased to 8 layers.
[Exclusive Equipment: Shoulder to Shoulder]
1: "Elemental Energy Control" is strengthened: each layer of "Elemental Energy Control" will also increase the Shadow Tracker's critical hit rate by 2% and attack speed by 4%.
2: "Brothers Concentric" is strengthened: the normal attack of summoning object Shadow Tracker gains the ejection effect, which can eject up to 3 different enemies, causing 120% damage to them.
3: "Brothers Concentric" is strengthened: The summoned object Shadow Tracker gains the "Whirling Blade" skill -- Shadow Tracker throws his sword in his hand, causing 300% attack power damage to all enemies in the straight line, and then turns back to cause damage again.
4: "Brothers Concentric" is strengthened: after releasing "Brothers Concentric", refresh the cooling time of "Inferno Method - Burst".
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