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Dear Commanders,
A new SSS-level hero is coming soon in Eternal Evolution today! This new SSS-level Wenfyr Hunter Hero is called MORIAMI, the Chaos Flower. She will be available in the limited recruitment from this Thursday after the update! The key words of her skills are Lethal Connection and Multistrike DMG. Check out her skills below and guess which class of heroes will match her perfectly in the comments!
Hero Faction: Wenfyr
Hero Class: Hunter
Hero Rarity: SSS-level
Hero Characteristics: Lethal Connection & Multistrike DMG
[Hero Skills Information]
Energy Skill - Chaotic Monsoon: Moriami surrounds herself with a chaotic monsoon, increasing her AS to max then performing 5 swift basic attacks on a target enemy.
Talent Effect: When the Ultimate is cast, all Chaos Seeds on the battlefield will bloom into Chaos Flowers.
Basic Skill - Lethal Connection: Moriami unleashes a burst of chaotic energy targeting the nearest enemy, bouncing to three different enemies closest to her, inflicting 90% ATK as DMG and linking them. Whenever one of the enemies is damaged by a basic attack, 5% of DMG received is converted into True DMG and transferred to the other two enemies. Lasts for 6s. Up to 3 enemies can be linked at a time.
Talent Effect: The DMG transfer of Lethal Connection is increased to 10%.
Basic Skill - Wind Barrier: Moriami summons a Wind Barrier around her, reducing all received ranged DMG by 30% for 7s.
Talent Effect: Moriami also targets an ally in the same row as Wind Barrier. If there is no valid target in the same row, she will target the ally with the highest ATK.
Passive - Chaos Seed: Moriami plants a Chaos Seed on enemies affected by Lethal Connection. Chaos Seeds grow with each basic attack from Moriami or her allies. When an enemy affected by Chaos Seed receives 6 basic attacks, the Chaos Seed will bloom into a Chaos Flower. If Moriami re-releases Lethal Connection during this period, the current state of Chaos Seed will be transferred to the new enemies. When there are 3 or more Chaos Flowers on the battlefield, Moriami detonates all Chaos Flowers to inflict 270% ATK as DMG to their hosts. Allied multi-shot basic attacks will give priority to targets parasitized by Chaos Seeds.
Talent Effect: Moriami's basic attacks turn into multi-shots, inflicting 110% ATK as DMG to the 3 closest enemies.
[Exclusive Equipment: Graveyard of Flowers]
1: Chaos Seed Enhanced: When a Chaos Flower is detonated, another Chaos Seed will be planted on its host.
2: Lethal Connection Enhanced: When a Chaos Flower is detonated, the duration of all instances of Lethal Connection is increased by 4s.
3: Wind Barrier Enhanced: The duration of Wind Barrier is increased by 3s.
4: Each time a Chaos Flower blooms, Moriami gains 3% ATK and CRIT DMG, stacking up to 9 times. When Moriami reaches max stacks, she gains Chaos Mirage. When affected by Chaos Mirage, Moriami's skills inflict 15% more DMG, and all enemies receive 10% more DMG.
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