KAIN - DEMON SON - Eternal Evolution

Dear Commanders,
The new Elite Hero KAIN will be available in the Halloween Special Rise of Heroes Event after the update today! Check out his skills below and share how you will use him when you recruit him in the game in the comments!
Hero Faction: Terran
Hero Class: Energy
Hero Rarity: Elite
Hero Characteristics: Ranged Attack, Cooldown Reduction
[Hero Skills Information]
Energy Skill - Dead Guidance: Kain calls for guided missile support to bombard the area, dealing damage equal to 300% of ATK.
Talent Effect: An additional bomb hits the area, dealing damage equal to 300% of ATK.
Basic Skill -Demonic Bomb: Kain throws a Demonic Bomb that explodes and deals damage equal to 100% of ATK. The Bomb bounces to nearby targets that were not hit by this skill, up to 4 times. Damage is reduced by 50% if a target has been already hit by a bomb.
Talent Effect: Demonic Bomb now bounces up to 5 times.
Basic Skill - Wicked Explosion: Kain fires a special round at the nearest enemy in front of him, dealing damage equal to 200% to the target and all enemies in a 3m radius. It also reduces the cooldown of Demonic Bomb by 0.5 seconds upon scoring a critical hit. (Cooldown can be reduced by up to 3 seconds max)
Talent Effect: Crit Rate increased by 20%.
Passive - No Mercy: Each time Kain hits an enemy, he adds a stack of "No Mercy" to himself. Each stack of "No Mercy" increases ATK by 1%, up to 20 times.
Talent Effect: Maximum number of layers increased to 30.
[Exclusive Equipment: Angel of Death]
1: After use of Dead Guidance , Kain's other skills will deal 10% more damage for 10 seconds.
2: Cooldown of Wicked Explosion has been permanently reduced by 1 second.
3: Each subsequent bounce of Demonic Bomb will deal 25% more damage.
4: After using Dead Guidance, immediately reduces cooldowns of Demonic Bomb and Wicked Explosion by 3 seconds.
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